How Do Affirmations Work?

How you can make affirmations work:

Whether you're a skeptic or not, affirmations have been shown to reprogram your brain to think more positively! Affirmations help you to see and expect the good & create the vibration that attracts what you seek.

Affirmations are a mental tool that allows you to create new patterns of thinking and begin wearing a new path in your mind. Basically the more that you use them, the more you are re-wiring your brain. Your body likes to become more efficient at the things you do most often so the more you use positive affirmations, the more the neural connections along the “complaining” pathway will actually start to break and fall away.

Remember...the brain is a muscle and requires exercise to make it stronger. The more your mind flexes your positivity muscle, the less negativity that will enter it!

Using affirmations correctly gives you the thoughts and patterns you need to make those positivity circuits work again!

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